Cycle to Syracuse

On the 21st December 1988 at around 7pm, tragedy struck in Lockerbie as the remnants of aircraft Pan Am 103 descended from the skies. Carrying 259 passengers plus crew members the flight was on enroute to New York from Heathrow. As it was about to embark on it’s oceanic segment of the journey, a timer-activated bomb, hidden inside a cassette player detonated. The crash covered 850 square miles, destroying 21 homes and killing 11 people on the ground. The plane and all those on board never made it to their destination.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Lockerbie Bombing and honour those who were killed, affected by the devastation and remember the emergency services who responded, the journey will be completed on their behalf. In October, joined by local and international friends, cyclists and schools, 4 emergency services cyclists and the Head Teacher of Lockerbie Highschool will be cycling the 3238 miles to finish the journey that was never finished.

On Saturday 13th October, our very own Mark Ward was one of the local cyclists to accompany the core team on the 70 mile journey from Lockerbie Academy to Edinburgh Castle. And from the videos, what a cycle it was! Well done to all those who took part.

As well as honouring those affected by the bombing, the group are also raising funds for a charity called, Soul Soup. The organisation provides mental health youth counselling to reduce the risk of suicide in young people. Soul Soup will be putting specific services in place, such as better school and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder counselling, in Lockerbie’s community and surrounding areas. If you would like to donate or follow the event, please click on the link below. Help provide a better future for our young people.