Tyler Metcalfe

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Born and raised in Carlisle, I started my work life as a flooring installer but quickly decided that it wasn’t for me. At the height of unemployment (due to covid) I quit my job and moved to Czech republic to begin
working as a barber. To nobody’s surprise… It didn’t workout out. After 6 months, I returned home and began searching for a job that would fit around my fitness goals. Fortunately for me, Supply it were looking for a new employee.
I Started working for supply it in June, Haven’t looked back since, Looking forward to my future in the office.


Exercise, Music and Open minds


Sparkling water, commercial gyms and bullies

Tell us a interesting fact about you

When I was young, I was a very fussy eater, So every sunday I would refuse to eat a sunday roast.
Because of this, My Nana would cook me a plate full of yorkshire puddings to ensure I ate something, My record was 13.

What would you Spirit Animal be?

My spirit animal would be an owl, probably…

Use 3 Words to describe yourself

Ambitious, Driven, Easy-Going

What if you ruled the world

Have my very own chef,
Destroy every fast food chain!