Sarah Spittle

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I was born in Australia and moved to the UK with my parents when I was 5 years old. Leaving the sun and heat behind we lived in Essex for a year and them moved to Cumbria where I have been ever since.

I have two beautiful grown up children and two gorgeous grand children. I live with my partner and I am very happy enjoying my life.

Before I started working at Supply it I worked for a local housing association supporting the homeless, young adults and the over 55’s.
With the encouragement from Paul and the support from Lauren I decided to take the leap and have a career change, working with them.


The smell of freshly cut grass, being a mum and Nana, white wine, beef space raider crisps, camping and my westie dog snoop.


Spiders, emptying the diswasher, bad drivers and not winning. 

Tell us interesting fact about you

I was a volunteer crew member for the RNLI in my younger days.

What would your spirit animal be?

A deer

Use 3 words to describe yourself

Friendly, reliable and considerate.

If you ruled the world?

I would have a three day working week.