Georgia Palmer

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The Fun Loving One 

I left school and was looking for work when I was invited for an interview at Supply It. I stepped into the office for an interview with my bright purple hair 3 years ago….and just never left. I enjoy getting the work done in the relaxed environment and being able to cuddle the dogs to get away from my desk.

What do I do here? Well, what don’t I do ?‍♀️? I work in Sales and am generally the relaxing influence of the office. I don’t really get flustered or stressed but you’ll know if I do because I will be stuffing my face with anything edible within arms length.


I like shopping, travelling and watching horror films.


Seafood, boats and airplanes. Loud chewing also irritates me. 

Tell us interesting fact about you

I used to be a medal winning gymnast at a young age.

What would your spirit animal be?


Use 3 words to describe yourself

Tall, loud and bubbly

What if you ruled the world?

I would make every Monday a non-working day