Dawn Wedgwood

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I was born in Lanarkshire Scotland and moved to Carlisle when I was in my 20s to be closer to my crazy aunt and uncle in their huge house.. I was a florist for far too long before I joined Supply it in May 2019.. I really love my life.. my boy.. my friends.. my family.. nice wine.. good coffee.. lush food.. and always lime in my Gin.. no tonic.. boak!! 


Music.. Books.. DIY Dawnie!.. Any Seaside.. Anything that grows.. Friends.. My football family.. and omg CHRISTMAS!! 


Paul said I’m not allowed a massive list.. so.. Being late.. middle lane drivers.. bad coffee!! 

Tell us interesting fact about you

I take holidays to decorate lake district hotels for Christmas every year.. and Paul lets me! 🙂

What would your spirit animal be?

A Pterodactyls  

Use 3 words to describe yourself

Independent // Feisty // Caring

What if you ruled the world?

If I ruled the world I would go about eradicating world hunger.. it’s 2021.. with billionaires.. there should not be people who go hungry!!