Howarth 1940s Weekend

Paul and his family were shown a real touch of kindness when his entire family were invited to a Sunday Lunch for veterans at the Earl of Doncaster Hotel. Paul’s father served in the armed forces for 25 years and was being accompanied by Paul and his family at Remembrance Day in Doncaster. Their family were going through the loss of Paul’s mother and they wanted to show their support to his Dad.

After getting through the emotional parade they got chatting to a woman, called Roberta, who invited Paul’s dad to the Sunday Lunch but after hearing about their story, pulled some strings and extended¬†the invite to the rest of the Bunting Clan.¬†The lunch was a memorable and proud moment for them all, surrounded by their local war heroes.

To say thank you Paul and Lauren assisted with the Pilgram Bandits with their Howarth 1940s event, supplying the fencing and portable toilets. Using this a perfect excuse for team building, the two made the most of it and spent the day setting up the fencing around the campsite and mingling with our war heroes.